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Colour and Temperature

THOMA develops since more than 20 years measuring-equipment for light, colour and temperature.
Our products are used in design and production of lighting bubles and tubes (Osram, Sylvania, ...), luminaries (ARRI, Sachtler, Rank, Nesys, ...) and monitor-screens (Barco, Sony, ...).
Beside those manufacturers also film- and broadcast-industry is using the particular products.
Frequency-meters are valuable tools for mobile Film- und TV-production.

Colour and Temperature

Task and Function

  • Checking functions and performance of  lighting elements
  • Lights- and Filter-Metering 
  • Harmonize different lighting sources
  • Frequency-metering of AC-lights
  • Frame-frequency-metering of Film-cameras
  • Optimize illumination and management of colour temperature



Task and Function

  • Frequency-metering (net-frequency, camera-revolution, screen-frequency)
  • Prevent picture-flickering caused by different illumination resulting from phase-deviation
  • Prevent "bar-phenomena" on monitor-screens