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Film Application

Generally Video- and Film-Application are identical. Only Film-lenses require special zoom- and focus drives and controls

THOMA-Remote-Heads for Film-Application

THOMA-Remote-Heads for Film-application and Video-application are identical . The only difference is the special condition for Film-lenses.
THOMA-Remote-Heads are available for payloads from 15kg to 50kg. They are first choice for outdoor shootings, because they cover a temperature range between -30°C und +70°C.
Hereunder you will find the right product for your camera and your needs:

                                     TR20                   TR3                      TR61

Payload:                      15kg                   40kg                     50kg
Axis-movement          P/T/Roll              P/T/Roll               P/T/Roll


Accessories for Film-Application

THOMA offer a whole variety of accessories for Film-application